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Exodus 32:1-35 The Bride Betrays Her Vows 10-4-15

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Fellowship at Cross Creek
Life of Moses
The Bride Egregiously Betrays her Vows and her Groom…
Ex 32:1-35
10/12/3; ed. 10.4.15

Have you ever experienced a major disappointment. Everything seemed wonderful. All seemed to be going wonderful, and then the surprise and shock of your life happens? You didn’t see it coming? How could it have gone so wrong? And why did it happen? Been there? Welcome to life. People can be fickle and evil is always, ever present. It would seem anyone who has ever attempted what he or she believed was a holy mission, whether it was raising a godly family or shepherding a church, has been sideswiped by evil and disappointment. But even in those moments and, perhaps even more so in those moments, God is just as real and alive. Perhaps in those seemingly ridiculously incongruent moments, like a blacksmith forging out a piece of metal, the Divine forges out his holy leadership—holy leadership that is desperately needed within broken, fallen humanity.

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Exodus 22:1-15 When Life Goes Awry…

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Fellowship @ Cross Creek
Life of Moses
Exodus 22:1-15
When Life Goes Awry…
9/7/3; ed. 8/16/15

Introduction…Had a bad break happen to you lately? Ever break something that belonged to someone else? Did someone break something of yours that you had loaned to them? How did it make you feel? Guilty? Angry? Did you and your friend talk about it? Did you resolve it? Did it tear apart your friendship? Why? Why are rules, laws and principles so important if people are to live in community with one another?

How do people, teachers, parents, coaches, referees, officials, officers of the law determine what is fair or right? Have you ever just absorbed the loss when the other person was at fault, but didn’t think they were?

Below are some more rules or laws to think about in how humans deal with one another? What do they teach you about God? About life? About people?

broken window

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