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Exodus 32:1-35 The Bride Betrays Her Vows 10-4-15

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Fellowship at Cross Creek
Life of Moses
The Bride Egregiously Betrays her Vows and her Groom…
Ex 32:1-35
10/12/3; ed. 10.4.15

Have you ever experienced a major disappointment. Everything seemed wonderful. All seemed to be going wonderful, and then the surprise and shock of your life happens? You didn’t see it coming? How could it have gone so wrong? And why did it happen? Been there? Welcome to life. People can be fickle and evil is always, ever present. It would seem anyone who has ever attempted what he or she believed was a holy mission, whether it was raising a godly family or shepherding a church, has been sideswiped by evil and disappointment. But even in those moments and, perhaps even more so in those moments, God is just as real and alive. Perhaps in those seemingly ridiculously incongruent moments, like a blacksmith forging out a piece of metal, the Divine forges out his holy leadership—holy leadership that is desperately needed within broken, fallen humanity.

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Exodus 20:18ff Divine Wedding Part VI: The Groom’s Awe-inspiring Appearance

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Life of Moses
A Most Divine Wedding Covenant: Part VI: The Divine Groom Finally Makes His Awe-inspiring Appearance…
Ex 20:18ff

Introduction: As a kid, I was afraid to be alone at our church at night for fear God might talk to me. It was so bad, that if God had spoken to me, I would have no doubt, peed in my pants. I was that scared. I think I had seen a movie where God had spoken to the lead character and called him to a ministry, and I was afraid he might do the same to me. I also knew all the Bible stories of how God spoke to people. What if he chose to talk to me? I was in fear of God.

How often do you really think about being in the presence of the Almighty Creator of the Universe? Ever? Or because God is invisible, is it frequently more out-of-sight-out-of-mind with respect to the Almighty Creator?

If God exists… (Note: I feel as if I am blaspheming writing these words) how can we become so desensitized to his constant, ongoing presence?

But if we did believe that God does exist and that Christ has died to atone for our sins, and that we have the active presence of God, via his Holy Spirit within our lives, everyday 24-7, how can we act and live so contemptibly foolish with respect to presence of God?

What if we were there with Israel before the very mountain of God, witnessing his mighty thunder, lightning and smoke and hearing the trumpets blaring? Now, in-sight, and therefore, in-mind, would our perspective with respective to the active presence of God change? In what way? And why?

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