Fellowship at Cross Creek Church

Ever try taking a bath in a coffee cup or drinking out of a bath tub?

Of course not! Both would be ridiculous! Why? Because both are very different forms designed to fulfill two very different functions: the cup to drink from; the tub to bathe in. In fact, for the most part, it is a universal truth: forms follow their functions, or function first, form second, and NOT the other way around, or form first, followed by its function! Function always determines form.
The church, a form, is no exception. It’s forms–its ministries and programs–must be determined by the church’s function or purpose.

And why is this SO important with respect to the Church?

Because all too-often too many churches find themselves desperately clinging to out-of date, extra-biblical, cultural rituals and traditions.
Rather than having hewn out their biblical purpose or function from the Scriptures first and then thoughtfully and tirelessly crafting out their church forms or programs to better accomplish their biblical purposes, many traditional, ritualistic form-first or form-dominant churches are essentially lost ships without a rudder.

They have no biblical guiding force that determines WHY they do WHAT they do, with the result being, over time, most churches (along with many of their culturally-derived traditions, rituals and once-faddish forms) tend to lose both their biblical and Spiritual relevance and power, and thus become just another dying form, like ships without a rudder. And again, why is this? Because they are not asking themselves the tough questions: 1) What is our biblical purpose? 2) How do we best accomplish that purpose within biblical, moral boundaries? and 3) How are we doing? Are we accomplishing our biblical goals…our mission…our mandate?

By 1) tying its function or purpose to Scripture’s timeless constants concerning the church first, as well as, 2) constantly asking ourselves HOW can we do a better job of accomplishing our biblical PURPOSE OR FUNCTION, Fellowship at Cross Creek passionately and accountably seeks to reverse the church’s historic decline into Spiritual irrelevance!

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  1. Antwon

    I have been to this church with my dthauger several times. I dearly love going. The pastor is great! He preaches so we can understand. Great singing also. Love the people who are all are so friendly and make you feel welcome. Thanks for your church being the way it is!

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