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Joe Cross is the Senior Teaching Pastor at Fellowship at Cross Creek Church in Branson, Missouri. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and Dallas Theological Seminary. Along with his wife and best friend of 35 years, Rhonda, they have raised 2 children, their son, Jordan, who lives in the Washington DC area with his wife April, and their daughter, Amanda, who lives and works in the Branson area.

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Joe’s journey and passion have lead him to dedicate his life to the ministry of teaching timeless Biblical truths in a way that is relevant and applicable to life. You can read “Joe’s Story” in this blog but perhaps the excerpts below best reveal his purpose for the eatatjoes blog.

“…. instead of following in my father’s footsteps and becoming a medical doctor, my journey took a decidedly radical turn. Just before my senior year in college, as I was finishing up a pre-med chemistry degree, and feeling led by God, I chose instead, not to apply to medical school, but rather, to apply to seminary so I could further my passion and hunger of continuing to learn how to study the Bible for myself. My life would be changed forever…”

And change he did. Soon Joe was inspired to not just play church and follow the forms centuries of time had brought about but rather to re-discover the true functions of the church.

Joe explains, “…for so long the church had been defined by its forms, out-dated, man-made and time-evolved as they might have been, but no longer. Reattached to its biblical mandate, the church would be redefined by its function first, forms and traditions second. The forms of a church should follow the functions of a church, and not vice versa. Decide your function, then create your form to accomplish the function. Then, as time goes by, keep adapting and adjusting the form to better accomplish your function, but never lose touch with your original purpose or function—or why you are doing what you are doing. Do not WASTE PEOPLE’S TIME! Make every minute count. Accomplish your purpose or shut the doors!”

If you would like to join Joe in his journey to discover God’s timeless truths to change lives and to pursue the true Biblical mandate of the Church, pull up a chair and dine with him daily at www.eatatjoes.net. 

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“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalms 34:8

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