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Exodus 9:13-25 Early in the Morning 11-30-14

Exodus Studies Pic

Life of Moses
Lesson 17
Early in the Morning
Ex 9:13-35
(Orig. 3/23/3 ed. 11.30.14)

Introduction…When things don’t always go according to plan or the way you would have liked for them to have gone or as easily as you would have liked or hoped for them to have gone, how do you react? Do you see these problems or resistances as meaning that you don’t have God’s blessing, or that you are being punished for not having done something right or correct, or even for some past sin or miscue? Do you not expect to see resistance or do you expect resistance? Can God allow resistances to bring him greater glory? If so, why would God do something like this? Also, why can’t life just be tough and we be overly optimistic at times? Why can’t we live or be in denial about just how hard or difficult things can be sometimes…because we want what we want, and therefore, we ignore life’s challenging realities? What about just not being perfect or God enough, and therefore not being able to see the future perfectly? Is all our suffering because we have done something wrong or not completely perfectly? Could God have other purposes…even greater purposes… by allowing things to be difficult? So what’s the key when things are difficult, challenging and painful? Quit and give up, or prayerfully persevere?



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