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The Story of Sin: Part XVI: Ancient Jewish Eschatology’s View of Salvation from Sin!

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The Story of Sin…
Part XVI:
Two Paths Greatly Diverging on the Meaning of the Messiah’s Deliverance from Sin.
By Joseph M. Cross
Introduction: A Line Drawn in the Sand…
So beginning with one of his very early miracles, Yah-Saves draws an unmistakable line in the sand: I am not just here to make a man walk again! That’s easy! I am here to do something vitally much more Spiritually and universally significant. As my name, Yah-Saves, states, I am here to save humans from their flawed natures! I AM Daniel 7:13’s “one like the son of man,” or the “one like a man,” whom the Ancient of Days (or God the Creator in his heaven’s eternal now) has given all authority over all things for all time. I AM THE SON OF MAN! I AM GOD IN THE FLESH! I have the divine right, authority and power to release a man, or a people, from their spiritual offenses…their sins against…their Creator and Redeemer, as well as, as a result of their sins, flaws or mistakes, their corresponding guilt, legal-righteous condemnation, eternal shame and endless judgment! I can make it ALL…ALL… go away! I can SAVE! I can save a man from SIN! I AM GOD! I AM ETERNAL GOD!
Now, do the religious leaders whom Yah-Saves directs his comments towards really get what Yah-Saves is saying–that he is declaring himself God? God in the flesh? God “like a man”?–I am not sure. They get something. Something is up because beginning here, and only escalating as his prophetic ministry continues, their reactions to him, his message and his miracles only intensifies…until the point that they seek his death and by any means possible! (John 5:16-18).
But why is Yah-Saves such a threat to his contemporaries? Why the disconnect? After all, if Yah-Saves is offering deliverance from man’s imperfection, why are they, or for that matter, all of mankind, NOT at least considering what Yah-Saves has to offer with an open mind? Is it that Yah-Saves claims to be God, which, if NOT true, would obviously be enough to raise concerns or cause problems? But if miracles really are occurring…if blind people are being given sight, the lame made to walk, the deaf to hear, the dead raised to life, the sick made well, the hungry fed, storms stilled and demons cast out…then why not listen to what Yah-Saves has to say, or at least open-mindedly investigate his miracles to begin with? And if they prove to be true, then listen to what he has to say? Check it out with the Scriptures? Does it match up? Could he be telling the truth? Bottom line: Seek the truth! Or is there something else also going on here? The answer is both. And in the end, both are crucial to our understanding of how the Story of Sin is still impacting billions more two thousand years later.
The Cause of the Great Disconnect…
To understand the immense disconnect between the incredible truth or deliverance from sin that first Yah-Saves’ Elijah–John the Baptist–and now Yah-Saves himself were both laying the groundwork for and the deliverance that the religious leaders, as well as, the people themselves perhaps, had in mind and were expecting, we must attempt to go back in time and recreate what was being taught and promulgated within the ancient Jewish synagogues during Yah-Saves’ day. For even if the religious leaders, or Rabbis (religious teachers) were willing to consider Yah-Saves’ claims to be Messiah, what does this mean to them? In other words, WHAT were they looking for in God’s promised Messiah (anointed one or Christ) and WHAT did they think that his deliverance (from Man’s sin) would look like?  
The answer is, from the very beginning, what the religious leaders where looking for in a Messiah and the Messiah’s deliverance was NOT what they were necessarily getting in Yah-Saves. In fact, when one attempts to reconstruct what the Jewish people were taught at that time, the role of Yah-Saves’ Elijah or Isaiah 40’s Comforter, John the Baptist, becomes CRYSTAL clear! John’s role as 1) Isaiah 40’s Comforter, 2) Malachi 3’s Messenger and 3) Malachi’s 4’s Elijah was to reprogram, or rather deprogram, the people, as well as, the religious establishment of hundreds of years of flawed prophetical misunderstanding and misapplication concerning Yahweh God’s soon-to-come offer of forgiveness and deliverance from sin or imperfection. What had started out as truth…OT scriptural prophecy…by John and Yah-Saves’ Day…had become a massive entangled knot of confusing and contradictory interpretations concerning Yahweh God’s ultimate deliverance of God’s people. Continue reading