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Exodus 10:off Fighting the Locust Wind 1-11-15

Exodus Studies Pic

Life of Moses
Lesson 18a
Fighting the Locust Wind…
Ex 10:1ff


I remember about seven or eight years ago, in my early fifties, after receiving a couple of traffic tickets in a row, one for driving my son’s four-wheel drive with recently expired plates in the snow to pick up my son at the airport; another was when a policeman said I did not slow down quickly enough in a school zone, even though it had snowed that day and school was not in session, and even though I knew it was a speed trap and was slowing down at the time. After that, I said it was not worth it. After 35 years of driving, the Law had finally broken my spirit. Not that I still don’t speed at times, but before there wasn’t really a heart to obey the speed limit. Now, I don’t mind. What broke me? Two back-to-back tickets.

Woman Receiving Moving Violation

So what does it take to break you? When was the last time you attempted to plead your case to a policeman, judge, parent, teacher, girlfriend, boyfriend, customer service representative, coach etc.?

Did it work? Was is successful? Did they listen?

Ever not received mercy? What did you do after that? Did you shape up?

Were you motives genuine? Or were you conniving or being manipulative with no intention of shaping up?

What’s the key to working people?

If you received mercy, what did you do with that mercy? Did you take advantage of it? Did you blow it off? Or did you shape up and get your act together?

Watch Pharaoh’s manipulations. In the end, is it getting Pharaoh or Egypt anywhere, or it is just delaying the inevitable, and possibly even making the inevitable more painfully destructive? When you take on the God of the Universe, you always lose. He will NOT be manipulated. Only a fool attempts to manipulate God. Only a fool….

Your servant,
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